Drugged out or sober, anything goes

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buy canada goose jacket A subreddit dedicated to people freaking out, melting down, losing their cool, or being weird canada goose outlet store toronto in public. Drugged out or sober, anything goes. Keep the comments respectful where mental disorders are concerned, and remember that the individuals depicted in these videos are real people too. This subreddit is essentially dedicated canada goose outlet buffalo to their worst moments, so do keep that in mind. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance Saturated with TV and movies, our brains have become used to watching the imitation of emotions, so much so that it is strangely surprising and fascinating to watch the real thing. canada goose clearance

Bans: Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Harassment, Race Baiting etc. (Racist people freaking out in videos are allowed, but being a racist in the comments section will get you banned.)

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This isn /r/watchpeopledie: People being straight up murdered or dying in shocking/gruesome ways should be the cut off.

Canada Goose Parka Facebook Videos are allowed, but not encouraged. If you must post a video hosted on Facebook, you need to provide a link to a copy of the video hosted on a more acceptable video hosting platform. For videos under 10 minutes Streamable makes it easy to make copies of videos. Canada Goose Parka

cheap Canada Goose When you get banned for violating the rules, it has nothing to do with free speech. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose sale [Loose Fit] A semi public freakout and passable submission. Not entirely in keeping with the general theme: spatially situated freakouts occurring in person and in public Canada Goose sale

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[Follow Up] A news article or other report which follows up on a video that was previously posted to the subreddit. Please include a link to the original freakout if possible.

canada goose [Protest Freakout] Videos of Protests and the Freakouts that occur during the protest. canada goose

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[Possibly Fake] canada goose outlet us Might have been stagedFederal canada goose outlet canada buildings are inherently high priority targets for a number of crimes, such as mass shootings, terror attacks, burglary, robbery, kidnapping, blackmail, arson, hacking, and destruction of public property. They are also generally pretty boring canada goose coats uk buildings; not tourist attractions or nature parks or works of art that naturally attract people to loiter and film. So, someone standing outside for a long time, taking pictures or videos of the building, employees, vehicles, equipment, and operations looks an awful lot like someone preparing for an attack of some sort. It’s legal, sure, but also suspicious.

The DHS instructs us to deter photographers and to record as much information about them as humanly possible. (Video recording, name if they wish to give it, maybe a license plate) something to that effect. I encountered multiple photographers taking pictures of my site, I go out there and ask nicely for them to leave but I can tell them canada goose jacket outlet toronto they aren allowed to film. They are. I wouldnt involve the cops unless the person was there for an extended period of time, but I would first report the incident in writing and verbally to my superiors before involving law enforcement if at all.

canada goose coats on sale And if that building were attacked the next day by someone the police confronted but left alone because he said he didn’t want to identify himself or answer questions most people would be stunned and furious with the incompetent canada goose outlet police. canada goose coats on sale

They can be stunned and furious all they want, the more incompetent thing for the police to do would be to strip a person of their first amendment rights based off of a suspicion. We’re just talking about the ability to investigate behavior that is canada goose outlet shop abnormal or suspicious, and only up to the point that it can reasonably be determined that there is no imminent threat and no further. Part of that investigation for a police officer (though understandably not for a security guard), can and should be the ability to request some identification (to confirm and record the identity of the person they’re investigating, so that they can check for any outstanding warrants and keep an accurate record of the incident) and ask some basic, relevant questions. And, more to the point, they have the ability to enforce those requests to some degree if someone’s behavior becomes even more suspicious upon investigation, as in this video. The 1st Amendment is powerful and important, but this isn’t a game of D where half the fun is using and manipulating the rules to see what you can get away with. The 1st Amendment isn’t a canada goose outlet winnipeg address loophole or magic shield to be abused by criminals and provocateurs.

\ »More than a week later, the man is in stable condition, but

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Replica Bags Wholesale I said Mad Dogs. You said ok. We went out and then the San Antonio Crew was born!! Tomatillos every Friday night and Mad Dogs every Saturday night!! I still remember you trying to teach Edwards how to talk to girls. Unfortunately it seems Trump is incapable of this type of relationship, he believes to win, someone else must lose. He is a con man real estate developer, and scams people out of their money and runs, then move on to the next victim, just like his wives. Why is this still an argument? « He hasn’t found anything ». Replica Bags Wholesale

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The Royal Family are behind many of the historic developments

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canada goose outlet uk sale You are the type of fan that doesn get it, exactly like the people at the Joe last night. Your paying for a ticket doesn mean that you get to act like an asshole to the detriment of everyone else who is actually enjoying watching the game (even if it wasn a good one for the Wings). Watching hockey is about enjoying the high canada goose jacket outlet level of skill from the players, not just about your home team winning, and I certainly enjoyed watching the Bruins play last night well as well as when the Wings chipped in too. canada goose outlet uk sale

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2) Read the FAQ before asking a question

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Ghanshyam Diwan has been trying to get his 20 acre paddy farm

Most of us tend to think that giving out only the most innocuous information keeps us safe. But imagine this scenario. You child goes missing. Ghanshyam Diwan has been trying to get his 20 acre paddy farm assessed by the patwari (village accountant) to claim insurance under PMFBY the government’s crop insurance program in Mokha, Mahasamund district, about 100 km east of Raipur. Part of his crop was affected by Maho, a pest commonly found on paddy farms. « This is happening for the first time to me, and it is spreading across the farm, » he said.

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But that okay. Mistakes happen, and sometimes it not much of a nuisance. Funny, because I not even sure if nuisance means what I think it means. But that okay. Mistakes happen, and sometimes it not much of a nuisance. Funny, because I not even sure if nuisance means what I think it means. But that okay. Mistakes happen, and sometimes it not much of a nuisance. Funny, because I not even sure if nuisance means what I think it means. But that okay. Mistakes happen, and sometimes it not much of a nuisance. Funny, because I not even sure if nuisance means what I think it means.

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19 while the stock is hanging below at $22

The guy just went up to the ref and was like « that guy keeps pinching my back. » They saw it and called it. The rest of us on the team hung our heads in shame for that level of bullshit. Isn’t there some sort of general unsportsmanlike conduct call the refs can use?.

cheap bikinis She also said that I had some weird vascular issue that she has never seen before and which has definitely worsened in the last three years, but I don know anything more about that yet. She told my husband we would discuss that at my post op appointment in two weeks when she can show me the photos and everything. The texture, the size, everything about my uterus looks completely better apparently. cheap bikinis

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Sexy Bikini Swimsuit Side effects typically incorporate solidness, swelling and torment. Steady knee torment can in the long run restrain versatility. Consequently beach wrap children’s poncho towels, it is constantly prescribed to consider knee torment treatment even on the underlying stage. On Y’s death, the promissory note and $150,000 in community property assets pass to the bypass trust established in Y’s will to fully use the $650 hooded beach towel,000 AEA. All of Y’s other community property assets pass to X and qualify for the marital deduction. On X’s death, his estate will include Y’s $500,000 community property interest in the Sec. Sexy Bikini Swimsuit

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Sexy Bikini Swimsuit Well, except for surgery. You think about it every day mainly because you can feel it almost every day. Even when it that bad it still in the back of your mind.. In 2006, Blake Mycoskie developed a shoe company called TOMS after a trip to Argentina. His eyes were opened as he experienced shoeless children there. His company was seen as extraordinary, because for every shoe purchased, another pair would be given to a child in need Sexy Bikini Swimsuit.

Not since the crumbling of European communism in 1989 have we

This is a good ripping yarn, pumped up into bad literature. Farndale’s prose style veers from crimson to purple. He can’t bear to leave anything out: switching on the bathroom light takes nearly half a page. A statute of limitation procedurally prevents lawsuits from being brought after a legislatively specified period of years from the date of an injury. A legislated statute of repose, in contrast, runs from a specified event other than the injury in question and prohibits even claims that only arose after that specified ending date. The event might be when a product was first sold, when assets were distributed in probate, or when a construction project was completed.

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As many of you know the California wildfires have devastated countless communities in northern California when I was born and raised the city of paradise burned to the ground. And many of the residents the got out are now displaced in my hometown of Chico and across the nor state. I Percy results of my friends and the mayor to go to find out how to be of most help.

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The hike off the drive is not my favorite but it is shorter

What I Have LearnedI don’t recall exactly when it was, whether it was my first fifty hubs or my first hundred hubs but I wrote them all without adsense codes. Once I figured out adsense, I had to go back and reinsert all the codes which was a terrible pain. I probably lost a week of work just doing that..

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That a place more suited for running backs Jay Ajayi and

A very excited voice says, ‘I feel fantastic’. And I said to her, ‘Well that’s good you know’, and she said, ‘No you don’t get it. I feel really, really good’. « This award shows that data from leading agencies puts us among the very best in the nation. We believe this is something our patients and our community can be proud of, » said Jack Barto, president and chief executive officer at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. « The physicians and staff at NHRMC are continuously looking for new ways to provide better care for a lower cost, and that effort is reflected in this recognition. ».

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Canada Goose Jackets Universities will lead to cancelled programs and fewer opportunities for students, says New Democrat advanced education critic Rob Fleming. Liberals have broken their promise to improve access for students and provide stable funding for post secondary education, » said Fleming. « This $16 million budget cut will damage the canada goose outlet uk sale ability to create new student spaces and will lead to program cuts and reduced choice for young people. ». Canada Goose Jackets

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uk canada goose canada goose outlet online uk Belichick is known for precisely identifying and then eliminating the other team most harmful strength. It unlikely that Clement, a rooking running back from Wisconsin, is in Belichick cross hairs. That a place more suited for running backs Jay Ajayi and LeGarrette Blount, with their power and Ajayi screen game skills. uk canada goose

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